I love discovering the new, the forgotten or the unbeloved stem


Steph Brell: Hopeless Nostalgic

Like (hopefully) all florists around I have always loved the prettiness and nature of flowers, however my greater love comes from the intense emotions flowers can invoke. I find exploring flowers a way of acknowledging and processing memories, feelings and expressing the mood of the day.

Wild Jannali is my personal sanctuary where I can mix my roses with feathers, tulips with branches and thistles with silk. It is a space where I can forget what I have been told is normal and just design arrangements as the flowers direct me. 

Flowers are highly subjective, with different meanings and tastes for each person. I’d love to hear your connection to them and maybe we can create something special together.  



A thoughtful approach in a fast paced industry…

We at Wild Jannali have joined the movement that recognises change is needed in high-production floristry and we must try as hard as we can to contribute in order to achieve sustainable practices. Even if it only starts with little steps.

“A shame, but unavoidable” has been the common attitude of those in the industry for the last few decades- but ever questioning the norm, we don’t think this is good enough.

Unless requested, you will not find our flowers wrapped in cellophane or plastic ribbon. Nor will you find our stems in plastic vases or highly-processed foams.
Our flowers sit in water.
Our bunches are wrapped in paper and reusable ribbon.
And we personally shop for and use pre-loved vessels of glass, ceramic and metals to add further charm to your arrangement.
Bring us your own from home and we can even arrange straight into it for no extra cost!
Taking small steps, we hope to return to the sustainable practices of bygone years.


It’s the friends we meet along the way that bring joy to the journey…


Steph Brell - Senior Florist/Owner

“Growing up, one of my favourite movies was the 1993 version of The Secret Garden. The idea of leaving nature alone to create a wildly beautiful place, where with every sideways glance you spot something you hadn’t noticed before.

Wild Jannali has been my opportunity to bring that idea into my flower design. So often I hear fellow florists scoff that people think they “play with flowers all day” and I wonder “well, why not?”. I love filling my day with flower time and experimenting with different colours, sizes and vases. Every day offers me something different!

I love roaming the markets for stems that are different, unique and maybe underappreciated and really bringing them to life through design.

My hope is to provide an improved experience to what people are familiar with when flower shopping (including a sustainable edge). I’m so looking forward to making new discoveries on my Wild Jannali journey and sharing them with all of the Shire!


George Hayek - Senior Florist

I’ve always had a passion for flowers but wish I had taken the step into floristry earlier, as now I can work whilst rediscovering my creative side!

I have an appreciation for all flowers but if I had to choose some of my favourites the list would include David Austin roses, Anthurium, Blushing Bride, Kangaroo paw, Oriental Lily, Dancing Lady orchid, Proteas and Ranunculus.

I believe my floristry style is still evolving but I am loving the wild and whimsical style at the moment. I also love working with our beautiful Australian natives and mixing these with other flowers that help compliment them.

My floristry journey is still young and I am excited and thrilled to see where this journey may take me as I believe the opportunities are endless!


Want to come and chat flowers with us?